Thursday, January 21, 2010

Advertise Here - Support a Good Cause

I've decided to sell advertising on this blog, the Texifornia main website, and my other sites to raise money for  MercyCorps, an organization that's working in Haiti and other places affected by disaster, war, and oppression around the world.  I'm not affiliated with MercyCorps - this is just something I'm choosing to do on my own accord.  I also sell advertising through Project Wonderful which does not go to support charity (mainly, it goes to right back into advertising for my own site).

The following spots are available on Texifornia for $1.

Texifornia - Front Page 
STATS: Around 95 hits per month
Side Bar Text Link (Max 20 Characters) - 2 years
Side Bar Mini-Banner (Max 125 x 60) - 2 years
Side Bar Button (Max 125 x 125 ) - 1 year
Side Bar LARGE BANNER (Max 125 x 240) - 6 months
Bottom Banner (Max 468 x 60) - 2 years
Bottom Banner (Max 468 x 300) - 1 year

Texas Jokes Main Page

STATS: Around 250 hits per month
Bottom Banner (Max 468 x 80) - 2 years
Top Square (125 x 125)* - 1 year (or 2 years for Zazzle affiliate links)
*This ad spot is only available to humorous ads related to Texas

Texas Joke: You Know You're Texan When Page

STATS: Around 125 hits per month
Top Banner (max 468 x 60) - 1 year

Texas Joke: Texas State
STATS: Around 95 hits per month
Top Banner (max 468 x 60) - 1 year

Texifornia Blog

STATS: Around 20 hits per month
234 x 60 or 125 x 125 or smaller banner in side-bar for 1 year.
A blog post about your Texas or California related product (will remain on blog indefinitely).  For consumable items like soap or food, and some other products, I may require a sample to try so I can write a proper review.  This is usually not the case for things like t-shirts or jewelery where I can see a lot about the product just from a picture.
FREE:  Will list any Texifornian's blogs (Californians from Texas or Texans from Californian) in our blogroll for free, no donation necessary (but don't let that stop's a good cause!).

For a complete list of sites I'm offering ad space on, click here.

To order, contact me and let me know what ad spot you're interested in.

Websites must be pre-approved, cause you see I'm sort of picky about what sites I link too...I don't want to link to places with porn, racism, vulgarity, or any of a number of other things I feel conflict with my ethics and beliefs. So, I want to screen sites first. But that being said, for just $1 donation to you can get up to two years of advertising? Not bad, is it? It's worth asking first, for, right?

And if you would like to offer advertising on your own site to raise money for a charity you care about, or find out more places where you can buy advertising that goes to support a good cause, click here.

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