Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hot and Not Hot Wednessdays....on Thursday Again

Well, better late than never. Here's what's hot and what not this week.

Visiting family and friends in Houston.

Houston roads. OK, so I'm used to roads having more than one name now. And luckily we were warned ahead of time about all the tollways. But I didn't expect to find tollways we couldn't go on without an "EZPass" (a whole road, and no amount of quarters could get us onto it. And the clencher was a closed on-ramp that kept us zig-zagging through not so nice neighborhoods in downtown nearly an hour with three fussy tired kids who had already driven three hours. And that was even with and i-phone with Google maps!

Loobylu seems to be missing. She hasn't posted a new Mr. Linky since Christmas. Hope she's just taking a vacation and that nothing is wrong.


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