Friday, January 29, 2010

Souvenir Saturdays - Giveaways for Homesick Texifornians

I'm posting Souvenir Saturdays a day early today! Might be adding more to this tomorrow though!

I have been riding the magic carpet at One World One Heart the last couple of days, visiting all sorts of interesting blogs, and entering fun giveaways for some unique stuff.

I'm giving away winner's choice of either iced tea from Bush's Chicken or a postcard from Texas. I thought that would be nice for a visitor wanting a taste of Texas, or a homesick Texan wanting a taste of home. Along my travels I've found some other giveaways that Texifornian's might enjoy:

If you're missing the beaches of California or Texas, wearing a tiny capsule of treasures from the ocean might remind you of home.

Or you might enjoy flipping through the pages of 16 x Mom, a true story of a woman who raised her 16 children in the heart of San Jose, California which chronicles over 100 years of California history.

And, who wouldn't enjoy some Cowgirl Chocholate?...cowgirls are definitely a part of both Texas and California history and lore, and chocolate is always a good treatment for homesickness (IMHO). On my regular travels (not through One World One Heart), I found several blogs giving Cowgirl Chocholates away...


  1. Thank you Gale, awesome site.

  2. thank you for stopping by to visit..nice to meet another Texas gal...I guess my daughter in law is a Texifornia...born in Califorinia...but raised in Texas..I'm a new follower...

  3. Hey there! So glad you found my Texas Blogging Gals. Will get you on the list!

    Come visit anytime at my main blog.

  4. Yes, please add me to your Texafornian blog roll! Where is the list? I'll add a link to my blog.