Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Glorious Day for Weeding

Today is a glorious day for weeding! Yesterday's snow, which lasted most of the morning, is now confined to rooftops and some shady patches of the yard. The air is still chilly, but the sun is out, and cold wimp that I am, even I felt comfortable with just a turtleneck and a thick sweatshirt. I brought my toddler out to play, and while he sampled what was left of the snow, I went after the weeds. The yard is otherwise dead so they are easy to spot, plus they are young weeds without deep roots so are fairly easy to pull out of the wet soil. I couldn't find my garden gloves, which my children used yesterday for snow gloves when their real snow gloves got soaked (garden gloves work surprisingly well as snow gloves, especially the kind I have which are knitted with rubber on the palms) I used dish gloves. These actually worked better than the garden gloves would have since the ground was muddy and I was weeding in puddles in places, and they kept my hands dry.

The weeds were even kind of pretty...all green and purple and decked with dew. Not pretty enough to let them stay though, as these ones turn ugly when they get older (they're the ones that the mature leaves turn prickly...luckily the new growth though was soft and easy on the hands).

Every now and then my sugar bear would come over and want to play with me and I would stop until he got interested in the snow again. Now he's napping but my oldest is outside, so I think I'm going to go out there again. What a wonderful day!

(Waco, TX)


  1. good for you....we had sun was nice...

  2. Don't you just love it when it snows one day and you can weed the next? That didn't happen when we lived in St. Louis! Thanks for stopping by my blog!