Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Texas Themed Giveaway!

I found another Texas themed giveaway! This one is for a set of Bluebonnet Tumblers! I haven't met anyone yet who's experienced the bluebonnets in Texas and didn't fall in love...with the exception of my husband, who thinks they're lovely but would prefer to be without the allergies they cause. Actually, about th cups though--there's several different styles you can choose from if you win, but the bluebonnet ones were the ones the author at Hope's Cafe received and reviewed. You have until March 1st to enter.


  1. Love Love Love Bluebonnets, so I'll going over to check out the giveaway.

    Hi. I found you through Texas Blogging Gals and came by to say hello. You can find me at, so come by and say howdy sometime.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the tumblers- I visited her site!!

    Visiting form Texas Blogging Gals- please check out my giveaway too!


  3. oh I love blue bonnets...gonna go ck it out...

  4. Thanks for stopping by my place! I was immediately drawn to the Bluebonnet tumblers when I got to your blog! They are adorable.
    Wow, you got more snow down there in Waco than we did yesterday; we only got a dusting.