Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart Winner

I had so much fun taking part in One Heart One World! This was my first year to discover this fun blog giveaway and get to know each other event hosted by A Whimsical Bohemian. I enjoyed visiting all the blogs (ok, not ALL of them, since there were over 1,000 and I just couldn't get to all of them) and entering for some beautiful and unique artistic prizes--whether I win a thing is irrelevant, because it was a joy just to explore.

And what a response I got to my little postcard/tea giveaway! 56 people entered! Wow!

The winner (chosen by was commenter number 52, Melissa. I visited her blog and discovered that Melissa just welcomed a precious little girl into her family this December! Congrats Melissa!

And...I'll be sending out a few more, just because. So many responses touched my heart, and I would love to send 56 post cards if I could, but I will at least be sending more than just one. I couldn't not send one to the 11 year old girl from England who collects post-cards, and I'm considering several others who's comments stood out to me. So hard to narrow it down! Thanks everyone who came by for all your lovely comments!


Well, turns out I forgot to moderate my comments before I counted everyone...and had a few more to approve: 7 to be exact (ok, to be exactly exact 8...but one was a duplicate so I didn't count it). Well, since they didn't get included in the first draw this called for a second draw--but I wasn't about to take away the prize from Melissa for heaven's sake! That would just be mean. So, I did the second draw for a second Post Card on only the remaining 7, and the second winner was Asma Kausar from India! I'm assuming she will want the post card, which is good since I only had one Tea coupon.*

This second giveaway was chosen using not, as seems to be down...I do believe all the OWOH participants picking their winners on the same day may have shut them down!


  1. It has been fun, hasn't it. I know what you mean about wanting everyone to be able to win. I like this post a lot because it reminds me of all the unique and special individuals that came by to visit and introduce themselves during this time (which is what it's really all about). You're a wonderful writer. I'll be dropping in again. Thanks for the heads up on the spammer.

  2. Hi Gale,
    I'm the mother of the '11yr old girl from England' lol ;)
    Her name's Amber and she is thrilled to pieces that you're sending her a postcard! So thank you very much for that. I will email you with her address now :)
    Very best wishes, and thanks for the spammer info, will watch out for that!
    Zoe x