Monday, February 15, 2010

Watch for Scammers

Well, I just almost e-mailed a scammer. I had entered a giveaway for a lovely shell necklace as part of One World One Heart...and got a message that landed (properly) in my spam mail folder saying "Send your details to for your shell won prize." Well, sometimes legit blog giveaway messages get transfered into SPAM so I almost answered it...but then, because that was ALL it said (not anything about the blog or OWOH...not even in the sig, which is unusual) I decided to look up the e-mail on google and guess what: pages and pages about this guy scamming people. WHEW! That was a near miss!

So, if you get a message from him in your inbox, avoid it like the plague--and it's a good idea to double check any prize offering e-mails you get to make sure they were from a real site, not a scammer.

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