Friday, July 30, 2010

Sky Watch Friday - Colors

In one direction this...

and in the other direction this...

What a sky!



Interesting thing about colors...everyone sees the same colors, but people think about them in different way.  In some cultures red and yellow are not two different colors, but one (yellow is just light red).  Colors can be symbolic but have different meanings in different places.  Death is associated with the color black in American/English culure, but in at least some Asian cultures  the color white is symbolic of death.  In American white symbolizes purity and is traditional for wedding dresses.  In Japan, Korea, and India (and possibly other places) red is the typical color for wedding dresses.

I've been curious about what different colors mean in different parts of the world.  If you know of any color symbolism that's different than from the American meaning, please share...I'd love to learn. 


  1. Wow that is awesome! Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Such lovely captures.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Green - hope, violet in Catholic Church symbolizes grief together with black. In politics: red=left wing, green= folk parties. Interesting fact out of these. On historic maps of battles, enemy forces were always marked as red (blue were national forces) but Soviet Union with their Red Army couldn't have that so their maps were always marked the opposite way.

  4. the amazing nature always shows us so many faces. Great idea to show different angles from the same spot

  5. You shared two great works from mother nature in your skies.

  6. And for us in India, white is the color of mourning. Some people also believe in certain colors being auspicious for certain days!

    Lovely pictures of the skies.

  7. What a lovely rainbow... and gorgeous sky in the other direction as well.

  8. Nice skies Gale, I love the rainbow. The other morning on my way to the office there was a perfect 180 degree rainbow, but there was no where to stop to photograph it - nice to see that you were succesful were succesful. Have a great weekend.

  9. Great shots...fabulous rainbow capture...

  10. I love rainbows, nice shots. Thanks for your visit.

  11. Great shots and interesting about colours!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog,
    and I noticed the weekly meme at momdot which I might join - sounds like fun!