Thursday, July 08, 2010

Texas Summer?

What great weather we're having!  When it's not raining (which I don't mind a bit...waters my garden nicely) it's just gorgeous outside.  My husband heard a sports newscaster commenting on TV about that:
I wanted them to get a taste of real Texas football in July.  And it's 80 outside!  And they're STILL complaining because they're from San Diego and that's 10 degrees higher than 70!
-Some Texas Sports Newscaster
I guess San Diego was playing one of our teams (yes, I don't know which one...that's how much into football I am).  And no, that's not an exact quote because it wasn't me that was watching it.  If you know who said that and on what channel, please let me know, cause I think it's hilarious.  Seriously, my husband's from San Diego, and he has a joke that when the weather hits 60 degrees it's 10 below (10 below 70 that is!).  Funny to hear that thought echoed on the news!

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