Thursday, October 28, 2010

$60 - $90 Flights From Texas to California and Vice Versus - I'm Going!

Southwestern has a special deal on flights that you can order TODAY until 11:59 Pacific Time (that's California time, so until 1:59 out here in Texas) from Texas to California and California to Texas as low as $60 to $90. Those are one way flights, but if you buy one there and one back it's still a lot less then round tickets are elsewhere right now. The dates available Dec 1 - 15 and Jan 4 - Feb 16.

I've booked my flight and am taking a trip to see my dad in California in January! Very excited! Wish I had thought to post this earlier for you all...cause I know I have some homesick readers out here who could use something like this.


  1. WOW!~!! Thanks for this update!!! My son is in California and I would LOVE tos ee him!! He is only 22 years old and I really miss him!

  2. I am SO happy for you! Enjoy.

  3. Thanks Judy, and so happy you saw this Linda! I knew I was posting this for someone. :-)