Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grackle Season

The first place I heard of "grackle season" was The Yankee Chick's Guide to Texas.  In it there is a hilarious section where the author, Sophia Dembling,  describes the "other" seasons of Texas, inlcuding Grackle Season.  Now, when I first read this I had never heard the word "Grackle" before, but when she descibed the countless hourds of black birds that descend on shopping malls across Texas, I knew exactly what she was talking about. 

That makes this all the more funny....

Yeah, every time I talk about grackles I have to share that cause it still cracks me up.  I found that button several years ago on CafePress and loved it so much I bought 10 (OK, they didn't sell them individually...just in packs of 10...and I figured I'd find someone to give these to!). Seeing how the grackle population seems to be strong enough to take over a small Texas city, I'm assuming that's meant to be a joke--but you never know! Either way it's hilarious.

So, this all leads in to my questions for today.  I gather Texas isn't the only state with a "Grackle Season", so...
  1. Are the grackles hoarding in your area?  If not, when do they usually pass through (if they do).
  2. Where do you live? (What State, or country/territory if you're outside the US).
Please leave your answer in the comments.  Thanks

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    1. (1) We always have blackbirds flying around our (2) California farm (eating the grain we store for our cows) and occupying the trees in our back yard. However, after harvesting our crops and cultivating the soil, the fields can turn black with birds after the worms (and who knows what else?) that become exposed. But I've never heard them called Grackles before.

    2. Wow, to tell you the truth, I went to google what is grackle before returning to answer.. Don't be surprised, it is a fairly new words for me..

      Wow, I didn't know that (about Texas) until now.. Interesting..

      1) Nope, here, we don't have grackles and doubt there is any passing by.. :(

      2) I am living in Singapore.. the estate I am living in is Woodlands.. near the checkpoint where cross the bridge, it will be in another country Malaysia.. :)
      Here (Singapore) is a multi-racial country.. We host the 1st Youth Olympic as well the F1 night race.. ;)

    3. We don't seem to have them in the mountains of NC that I have seen.

    4. 1) We have tons of pigeons and other types of birds, though I am not sure about Grackles, or if they are the same?

      2) I live in Silicon Valley - the heart of Technology ;-)

    5. not that i have seen...
      but who knows?
      as for where i live..
      BORN and Raised!
      My Aloha Friday for you

    6. I've never seen one in MI.

    7. 1) I haven't heard of Grackles before, although I did see black birds all over the lawn in Spring.

      2) I'm from MI, USA

    8. No Grackles here...This is my first time hearing this word too and learning about them.

      I think these birds might be in my country. They flock like a cloud!

      I live in LA.

    9. We have all kinds of birds passing through on their way south right now.

      Have a great Friday!

    10. OMG this is tooo funny. I live NW of Houston now. I always called those black birds crows even though I knew they werent since they are much smaller. Now I know what to call them, my kids will get a laugh out of the name. Right now I havent seen a large group yet, usally they fly into the yards and cover all the grass.

      Here is our Aloha Friday!

    11. I don't know if we have blackbirds, I don't think so, but I don't pay attention.

      And I am from Ohio

    12. I'm not sure when they're around here, because I no longer see them, here in the country, but I do know that I..umm....used to shoot them with Mr.4444 pellet gun when we were back in college. I had permission from his dad, who loved his songbirds, but the grackles were always bothering the "nice" birds. So yea, we have grackles here in Wisconsin, and they are not welcome :)

    13. This post reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". I live in NJ and it's always Canadian Goose season. Why fly all the way to Florida when you can vacation or move to New Jersey?

      People hate them here. I don't mind them but they are not making poo poo on my property.

    14. Stopping in from Saturday Sampling.

      I never heard of the word Grackle either, so now I'm even smarter than I was yesterday. LOL

      Yes, we get them here in PA in early fall. They line up on the power lines and the tree branches, and it looks like a scene out of that Hitchcock movie, The Birds.