Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grackle Season Sky Watch

Well, it seems like grackle season has arrived.  I went to Stuffmart the other day and the noise was deafening.  There were whole sections of the parking lot covered with these birds.   They had taken over several of the shopping cart depositories and I felt bad for the cars that had dared to park nearby.

The picture below was taken over a month ago...I'm thought they were grackles at the time, but now I'm not actually sure.  They seem smaller in hind-sight, but they might be larger than the picture makes them seem, since they were up high.

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  1. Gotta love those grackles...or not. They may be the ones that left my yard a few weeks ago and will return next spring. :)

  2. They are indeed Grackles, the Texas equivalent of pigeons--although we have those, too, of course. Every now and then folks around here get all snitty about grackle poop and try to figure out how to get rid of them. I don't mind when they alight in my trees, because they don't stay all that long thanks to local hawks. They do make noise, though.

    I was glad to find your blog through Skywatch Friday; I'm a "Texafornian" too--although don't really count the Texan part. I generally refer to myself as an exile. I hadn't realized that there were enough of us to merit a website.

  3. I think the grackles sound like a babbling brook......and, while I LOVE the sound...I don't really like the birds. Messy and obnoxious! Still....if I am at a certain Starbucks at dusk they make for wonderful entertainment!

  4. Love the birdies. :) Creative picture!

  5. Love the photo. it reminds me of the country life.