Wednesday, October 13, 2010

HEB Giveaway and Review

HEB is giving away gift cards and a chance to win a trip to Orlando. You can enter here every day now through November 1.

OK, now, since we're on the subject of you want to know why I love the HEB in my town?
  • They have shopping carts with TWO kids seats (a real nice feature when you have kids born 19 months apart).
  • The balloons they give to kids have staved off tantrums and allowed for a peaceful shopping trip (though I do wish they had something other than candy weighing it down).
  • They always offer to walk you out to your car and help load your groceries (which was SO NICE when I was pregnant).
  • The HEB store brand stuff tastes really good--seriously, I like some items, like their bread and jam, better than name brand.
  • 4 bobillas for a $1!  (Bobillas are these sub sanwhich like fresh baked rolls).
  • Free samples everywhere!

  • HEB usually does cost a little more on brand name pre-packaged goods and meats than Walmart (even with HEB points factored in), but produce is often the same or less (it fluctuates - sometimes more, sometimes less).  
  • Those little yellow coupons really do save you a lot if both items are things you want or need.
  • If you get a manufacturers coupon for a free item, use it at HEB and you a can get HEB points that earn you HEB bucks to spend at HEB.
  • HEB gas is often cheaper than at other places, plus you get HEB points.
  • If you buy HEB baby clothes, buy at least a size larger than you need because they tend to shrink drastically.
  • Did I mention their store brand packaged food items taste really good? 
OK, just so you know...HEB didn't give me anything to write this.  I just saw the giveaway on another blog decided to pass it on.  That one sentence looked kinda lonely and I really do love HEB so I thought I'd post a little review while I was at it.  

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