Monday, March 14, 2011

10 on Tuesday - Ideas

I have lots of ideas for 10 on Tuesday posts that would would be wonderful on topic for Texifornia...and I could use your help!  So for this week's I'm going to share 10 of my ideas, and see if you can help me think of things I could use for these.  If anyone comes up with an item for a 10 on Tues list that I use in a future, I'll make sure to attribute you with a link to your blog.

Before I may need to know what a Texifornian is.  A Texifornian is simply anyone who has lived in both California and Texas (even if they don't live in either of those places now).

OK, so my 10 of my ideas for future Texifornian 10 on Tuesdays are... 
  1. 10 Books set in Texas or California.
  2. 10 Great Movies set in Texas or California.
  3. 10  Movies set in Texas or California that make you think the writers never lived there.
  4. 10 Things people miss the most when they leave Texas.
  5. 10 Things people miss the most when they leave California.
  6. 10 Things Texans say when they learn you're from California.
  7. 10 Things Californians say when they learn you're from Texas.
  8. 10 of best places to go/things to do when you're missing California.
  9. 10 of the best places to go/things to do when you're missing Texas.
  10. 10 signs you're a Texifornian.
If you can think of any items for any of these, please share it!  You don't have to be a Texifornian to contribute, but please let me know if you are.  



  1. I am no Texifornian....but I have a son who is! He is now living in Costa Mesa. I send him a box every month (or more) and it usually includes food. What about 10 food items you miss in Texas and/or California?

  2. Oh, great idea Linda! That may have to be list number 11!

    ecarian at yahoo dot com

  3. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Not a Texifornian. But I love the idea :)

    Here are a few movies set in Texas:
    The Rookie (Loved it!)
    The Astronaut Farmer (I love the setting in this one. So pretty!)
    Friday Night Lights (I seem to like sports movies ...)

    And three set in CA:
    Clueless (I still love this movie. Is that sad?)
    The Sandlot (A childhood favorite. "I got it. AHHHHHH!")
    Gidget (An oldie but a goodie :])

    Hope these help you out!
    Enjoyed reading your 10 on Tuesday!

    - Annie

  4. I've only driven through parts of Texas, but I grew up in California. Most people who leave CA miss the beach. I miss the ability to go to beach within a few hours if I want.

  5. Love this idea...May do one for my state too!

  6. Anonymous8:12 PM

    What a great idea! You thought of quite a few great ideas, and I like Linda's idea of food items. What about top 10 styles of homes or something to do with deocrating styles? Not quite sure if that one would work out? Thanks for linking up!