Monday, March 21, 2011

The Tsunami in California

Though it's nothing compared to what happened in Japan, California was also hit by the Tsunami.  I don't believe homes on land were affected (I could be wrong about that) but some people who lived aboard their boats lost their homes.

As someone who grew up living aboard, the news story above saddened me.  Here's a clip from it if you have trouble watching video: 

Time and opportunity are two commodities that once lost, we do not usually get back. For Jody Connolly of Santa Cruz, they are the difference between calling a particular 30-foot boat "home" or a total loss.

"If I had known that it was going to be more than a foot tsunami, which was being predicted through the news and the Weather Channel, I would have easily taken my boat out to sea," he said.

Connolly says they had ten hours warning, but no one in Santa Cruz harbor expected tsunami surges like the ones that hit last Friday.

I contacted the Santa Cruz chamber of commerce, and found out that they are taking donations for people who lost the boats they lived on.  The Red cross in Santa Cruz is collecting donations both for local relief efforts and for Japan.

Donations of cash or checks made payable to either “BFCU for American Red Cross Japan Relief Fund” or “BFCU for American Red Cross Santa Cruz Relief Fund” can be made:

  • In person at any Bay Federal Credit Union Branch
  • By mail, addressed to:
    Bay Federal Credit Union,
    Attention: Tsunami Relief
    3333 Clares Street
    Capitola, CA 95010 
  • Online at

    If you want to volunteer to help with clean-up you can contact:
    Phone: (831) 462-5660


      1. I did not even think about the people who live on the water! Everything seems to affect everything ELSE!

      2. Most people don't...and really, there's not many who live aboard, so its understandable (though sometimes a whole marina will...I inquired about it and in this case and they said there were quite a few, and not all had insurance). Some of the relief money they collect will be going to help them.