Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Of Sumos and Saints - A Review

VeggieTales - Sumo Of The Opera

Oddly enough where I first learned the story of St. Patrick was from a short clip on the Veggie Tales Video Sumo of the Opera. What do Sumos have to do with St. Patrick? Well, not much, except in this case perseverance, which was the theme of that particular video (if you're not familiar with Veggie Tales, most of their videos have several short stories on a related theme).   Sumo of the Opera's main story is a Rocky style tale of a jokester sumo who learns the value of perseverance.  It also includes a silent film parody of Larry, Mo, and Curly, and my favorite silly song ever, "School House Polka - Homophones"  (teachers out there, this would be a wonderful teaching tool!).

If you'ld like to watch the clip about St. Patrick, you can find it on you tube.  It's hilarious and informative, but like all Veggie Tales videos takes a few tongue and cheek liberties, so if you'ld like a more factual, if less entertaining, version of this story, you can find a short summary of his life here, read the longer one on wikipedia..or get the story straight from St. Pat by reading his Confesio (which is actually not too long).

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