Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prayers for Those Affected by the Earthquakes/Tsunamis

I have been blown away as I've watched videos on CNN of the earthquake and Tsunami that have devasted Japan and other areas in Asia.  Tsunamis have even reached California, a danger that I was aware of as a child growing up on a boat in Southern CA, but luckily never experienced.   It's amazing that an event on the other side of the Pacific can have effects that far reaching.

I've experienced Earthquakes too, but nothing compared to what they experienced in Japan.  Please keep all affected in your prayers.

And, if you would like to help in other ways, here's some links....


I've read Crescent City and Santa Cruz were the hardest
hit in California, so you might contact local organizations there
if you are near enough to help with the clean-up.

The sister of the Harbor manager in Crescent City happens to
be part of a forum I'm a memeber of, and she suggested
contactings the Crescent City The Chamber of Commerce
if you want to volunteer to help with the clean up.  I'm including info
for both Santa Cruz and Cresent City Chamber of Commerces below:

Crescent City Chamber of Commerce
1001 Front Street
Crescent City, CA 95531-4133
(707) 464-3174

Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce
Sn Street, Ste. 1 Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 457-3713

Also, in Redondo, a clean-up of King Harbor Marina from the
sardines that for some un-explained reason flooded into the area last
week was put on hold because of the Tsunami.  As late as March 9
they were still needing volunteers and may stil need them.

If you know of any local California efforts that
people can help with, please e-mail me at 
ecarian at yahoo dot com  so I can include them here.

Here's a news article showing some of the damage to California and the west coast...
again, nothing compared to what people experienced in Japan, but still bad.

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