Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fun With Names

I've been having fun exploring the White Pages "Names" page.  I learned that my name, Gale, was most popular in 1957,  and is going out of style (0% of babies and teens have this name...which probably doesn't mean NONE have it, but just such a small amount it didn't register).  Alas...well, maybe my grandkids will help change that *grin.*

They also have name stats listed by state.  My name seems to be most popular in the midwest, per capita.  But it has the most listings in California, Texas and Florida...which I find funny since I lived in two of those states, but then, ALMOST ALL NAMES have more listings there just because of population!

Here's the most popular names in California and Texas...


Most Popular First Names in California

Most Popular Last Names in California

  1. Garcia
  2. Hernandez
  3. Lopez
  4. Martinez
  1. Smith
  2. Rodriguez
  3. Gonzalez
  4. Johnson

Last name

  1. Garcia
  2. Smith
  3. Martinez
  4. Rodriguez
  1. Hernandez
  2. Johnson
  3. Williams
  4. Jones

Not surprized that Maria and Garcia top the charts in both states.  Most of the names were the same in both states, though the orders were different.  I've put the different names in BOLD.

And, just for comparison, here's a NON-WESTERN state:


(Names shared with NEITHER Texas or California are bolded)

I also found hilarious the LEAST POPULAR names from 1910 to the present:

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  1. Okay, what's up with the last #6? Childnonamed? LOL I didn't see my name anywhere, so I guess I'm stuck in between somewhere!