Monday, April 16, 2012

Today's Flowers - Garden Bloom Day

What's blooming in my garden?

First, what was planted (by me)...

Gazania rigens - African daisy

Flowering Chives

Morning Glory



Those my neighbor planted...
(creeping through the fence)

And these nature planted for me...

One Texas Bluebonnet
(Literally one, in the smack dab middle of the yard,
but I want more so I'm mowing around it.)

Some Texas Dandelion (a lot more than one)

I don't know what...would love to know!
The flowers look similar to wild carrot,
but they are at every leaf intersection
down the stem, and much smaller.

(Oh no...I found out...a weed!)

Another mystery weed/wildflower

Dakota Vervain 

Texas Vervain

Wild Evening Primrose



  1. You have some pretty spring flowers, both resident and non resident! I especially like the color of the Dakota vervain.

  2. Love what you have planted! That rose your neighbor planted really wanted to see your garden! :) And I hope your bluebonnets increase. What a nice present from some bird!

  3. You have so many really beautiful flowers. We have only had the daffodils blooming so far. Oh... I did have my bleeding heart bloom and then it got frosted.

  4. Love the morning glory! There were lots of those in California. It should put on quite a show later.

  5. hi, i like the first flowers and also the texas vervain photo.

  6. Lovely blooms! I have a vervain, but I'm not sure if it's the same as yours. It's a spreader, but it sure blooms for a long time!