Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What to Plant in April in Texas

1. Cantaloupes, 2. Collards, 3. Corn, 4. Cucumber, 5. Cushaw (and Pumpkins) 6. Eggplant, 7. Melons (honeydew), 8. Lima Beans, 9. Luffa, 10. Malabar Spinach, 11. Okra, 12. Peppers, 13. Pumpkin., 14. Snapbeans (19), 15. Southern Peas, 16. Summer Squash, 17. Sweet Potatoes, 18. Swiss Chard, 19. Tomato* 20. Watermelon

*On tomatoes plant transplants (too late to plant from seed)

These are some plants which are great for planting in April here in Texas.  I've been learning all about the best time to plant different plants from a book called Month-to-Month Gardening in Texas, which not only shows when to fertilize, aerate your soil, tackle weeds, etc.. But, if you just want info on what veggies and herbs to plant each month, you can also get that information online at one of the resources listed here.). 

I found the photos for my mosaic on Flickr, and the photographers were nice enough to offer up for use through Creative Commons (click on the links to see the photos larger).  Yes, the Sountern Peas (ie cowpeas) in that picture are blighted (that was just a hard one to find, so I took what I could get.)

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  1. Great post and I love that mosaic!
    My husband is growing his tomatoes in a cardboard box!

  2. We are a month or so behind you when it comes to planting. It has been so nice that I did sneak a couple of things in the ground but I have to watch the weather really close and cover if it is going to frost.

    Did you do that mosaic? It looks so nice. I have never tried anything like that yet.