Thursday, November 08, 2012

Speekee Spanish

I've been trying to teach my kids Spanish from home.  It's been fun but a challenge, especially because I'm not fluent myself.  That's why I'm excited about having a chance to try out Speekee TV Spanish for Kids.  

Now, not having had a chance to try it out YET, I can't comment on it...but here's what Speekee has to say about their program:  

The world's number one Spanish program for young children.  Speekee TV Spanish for Kids is designed so that children can learn Spanish in their own time and at their own pace.  Easy Spanish learning through video, without effort with the multi award-winning Speekee videos PLUS real-time 'virtual' friendships with the Speekee characters. Available only via the web, Speekee TV Spanish for Kids is loved by children and their parents around the world. FastTrack curriculum for homeschoolers.  

My readers recieve ONE MONTH FREE of Speekee TV - Spanish For Kids Program - through this exclusive link. 

Here's a little example of their videos (sure wish I had had this song when I was teaching my kids the parts of the body in Spanish):

You can find more videos like this on the Speekee YouTube Page.

DISCLAIMER: As a Family Guide Blogger I get a chance to get a 6 months Speekee membership for posting this. Not sure if this is an "I definitely will get it" thing, or a "I might be one of the bloggers that get it" thing but had to give it a shot because this looks like a great program.


  1. Great idea. I don't have kids at home anymore but I think I might to use this for myself. :) I found a kids Italian book before I moved over there last year and it was soooo much easier to pick up the language. :)

  2. Very useful information, thanks for your generosity. More power to you!

  3. Good concept through which children can learn also & get entertained also.

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