Monday, November 05, 2012

There's Still Time to Reasearch Your Vote!

Are you voting tomorrow?  Do you know anything about the local and state candidates?  There's still time to do research!

Step 1:  Find Out Your Districts
The districts you can vote in are listed on your Voter ID card.  You can also find your districts here if you live in Texas, or at Project Vote Smart if you don't.

Step 2:  Find Out Who's Running in Those Districts.
For Texas you can find a list of all the candidates here.  Or, you can find out who's running by plunking in your address at Project Vote Smart (in or out of Texas)

Step 3:  Research
I suggest starting by finding out a little info on the position if you're not sure what they do.  You might be surprised to learn that, for instance, Texas Railroad Commissioner mainly regulates the Oil and Gas industry, and that the Texas Surpreme Court only deals with civil cases, not criminal cases.  It only takes a few minutes to google these things and it's well worth your time.

Once you know about what they're running for, you can google the candidates, or consult some of the excellent resources below:


Project Vote Smart

On the Issues

Politifact Main Site



Dallas Morning News Election Guide
Submit your address to find info on candidates from around the state - this is not limited to the Dallas area.

Texas Values:  Free Texas Voters Guide

Politifact Texas

Your Local Newspaper 

Step  4:  Find Your Polling Places and Go Vote Tomorrow!
In Texas you can find this info at the here.  In other states, you can usually find this info on your Secretary of State or City Website, or on your local League of Women's Voters website.

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