Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Is Wherever Linky Party

Welcome to the first ever Wherever Wednesday at Texifornia!  Wherever Wednesday is a celebration of what makes the places we live unique.  It's not new though...only new to here.   A while back Budget Blond started this up on her blog with a little saying:  TIG.

In her words:

It stands for “This is Grenada.”
It’s used in moments where you just kinda shake your head at the things going on around you, like someone climbing up a coconut tree or when something takes exceedingly longer than it should.
I think all cities or towns have a “T.I.{insert your town}” moments. To me, this phrase can be used for things that are pretty hilarious, like how my dad’s friend up the street always drives his riding lawnmower to our house instead of his car {This.Is.Louisiana.} I also think it can be used to notice some good around us.
(See full post here).

And she was right--every place has it's unique character.  I've enjoyed sharing "This is Texas" moments like finding state pride at the Supermarket or bumping over Texas size speedbumps...and of course I've had to share a few This is California observations too.  But what I've  loved the most is reading all the wacky and wonderful moments others shared from their hometowns (or home away from home) around the world.  

I hope you'll take the time to share some of your
"This is {Wherever}"  moments with us! 

Please link back to this post or grab our button on the sidebar.  In the name space make sure to include where you're blogging from. The link up will be open all month.  Oh, and just for fun this month, I'll send a post-card from Texas to the first 10 bloggers who link-up (only if they want one).

Originally posted 11/7. This post has been bumped, and will be bumped, every Wed. this latecomers can still get their posts seen.


  1. This looks like a great idea! Can't wait to see how far we travel- gracias for the hop! BB2U

  2. I'm a little late-- but here it is : ) thanks for organizing!

  3. wow, this is great. I'd love to share my part of the world. will be back with my post.

  4. Glad to see everyone posting and carrying the tradition on!