Saturday, May 15, 2010

Primrose Sky - Waco Texas

This is my first time participating in Sky Watch Friday and Garden Bloom Day.  Usually I'll be doing them separately, but the flowers I was going to post for Garden Bloom belong with these sky pictures....

Primrose Sky




See what I mean?  These pictures were taken the same day, and the sky just matched the flowers so exquisitely.

These Mexican Evening Primroses about the only thing blooming in my yard right now, except some dandelions and clover and some lovely little purple flowers...but that's fine with me.  These beauties are my favorite Texas wildflower (as I've mentioned a time or two before here). 

If you want to see more gorgeous sky pictures, visit Sky Watch Friday and see more, or check out some more beautiful blooms around the 15th of every month at Garden Bloom Day.

Also shared on Throwback Thursday.


  1. Anonymous1:27 AM

    I certainly do see what you mean. Beautiful photos!

  2. Oh yes they do match beautifully, what a lovely view.

  3. Beautiful... both the flowers and the pink sky :)

  4. Beautiful sky! Central Texas is just beautiful right now...all the flowers, clouds, green grass, trees!! Except, of course, the flooding. We have one closed highway because the dam at PK is open.

  5. Wonderful photos of your gentle spring sky and flowers. They are both very delicate. Thanks for sharing.

  6. They match the sky color perfectly, great photos. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Beautiful photographs, love the colors. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Pink seems to be the color of the day :-)


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  9. What a great idea, matching flowers to the color of the sky! Never occurred to me before! I planted a primrose this spring and hope it reseeds - from your pictures it looks like it does reseed reliably.

  10. They should! These ones in my garden grew there wild...I didn't realize they were there when we moved in because the sellers had kept the yard mowed and it was probably a little after their blooming season. So, yeah, they should re-seed year after year.