Saturday, May 15, 2010

Souvenir Saturday - California Poppies

Every Saturday, ok...almost every Saturday (alright, alright...on an occasional Saturday) I feature stuff I find with a California or Texas theme. For the last few times the theme has been Texas flowers, so I thought it was time to feature some California beauties...namely, the ever photogenic California Poppy!

Isn't she lovely?

They're even lovelier when they're together!

I loved seeing them covering the hillsides when we would go on roadtrips...they'd make the hills look like someone had splashed them with orange paint.

They look pretty combined with other flowers too! This looks like bluebonnets, but it's actually Lupine, a related flower (bluebonnets are in the Lupine family too...but there grow taller and a little less thick, at least the ones I remember).

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