Saturday, May 29, 2010

Souvenir Saturday - My Five Favorite Flowers

I've decided to mix my Souvenir Saturday today with a meme called Small Talk 6. Their topic of the week is your 6 favorite flowers, and since I was doing flowers for Souvenir Saturday this month, I thought, how perfect! Of course, not all of my favorite flowers come from Texas or California, so this will be slightly off the normal topic, but still fun!

I discovered this one when I worked at a nursery in California.

Lisianthus Blossom print
Lisianthus Blossom by moonrisings
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Queen Anne's Lace
I fell in love with this flower visiting my grandma in New England as a little girl. I also love the poem by that name by William Carlos Williams.

Queen Anne's Lace 1 (Wild Carrot) mousepad
Queen Anne's Lace 1 (Wild Carrot) by LivingNature
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These flowers decorated the edges of trails I went hiking on as a child in Sequoia National Forest.  I thought they looked like shooting stars.

Red Columbine 09 card
Red Columbine 09 by TPossum
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Another beauty I found while working at a nursery.

Morning Glory
I love these because I can actually grow them, and because of their lovely flowers and vining vining leaves!

Mexican Evening Primrose
My favorite Texas wildflower, which I've waxed on about enough already here.

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