Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Stuck My Hand In a Wasps Nest

Today I accidentally put my hand in a wasp's nest I didn't know was being built under our picnic table.  Me and the boys had been sitting at this very table just a few hours earlier and I'm surprised we didn't notice any wasps around.  Later I needed to mow and when I went to move the table I reached my hand under and felt my fingers go into something soft (more a strange feel than gross, but definately felt "organic" - like putting your hand into old ashes).  I jerked my hand out and  saw something move past and felt something in my hair and swatted it away...but I was still thinking I had dislodged something flaky and it had blown up in my hair, or possibly that it was a spider.   Then I saw the wasps, and backed up quick.  Backing away I could see the wasps nest I had just put my hand in with 5 or 6 wasps on it, and several more flying around.   Amazing that I didn't get stung!

(The photo above was NOT taken by me...oh, no, I was not that brave. That's a picture I borrowed from an artist/photographer on Zazzle. You can visit their shop here.  The wasps in my nest were orange but about the same shape.  The nest looked similar, only slightly bigger and a darker gray. )


  1. oh yikes, glad you didn't get stung!

  2. OH MY!!!! So glad you didn't get stung! How scary.