Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wildflower Discoveries

Letting my yard go wild was one part laziness and one part curiosity.  After I discovered the Mexican Evening Primrose, I began to wonder what else was out t

I didn't put weed killer on my yard, just went after the stuff I knew I disliked with a vengeance, and let the rest grow.  Here's what I discovered.

Mexican Hat


These Tiny White Beauties
They're called Frog Fruit - what a cute name!

These Tiny Pink Beauties
(Possibly a type of bluet...not sure)

Pink Morning Glory
There was one pink morning glory last year,
and I scattered some more seed, 
so this one might be wild, might be planted.

White Morning Glory
These were covering our yard last year,
so they weren't "discovered" so much,
but I'm happy to have them back!

I love the wildflowers in my yard,
but I wanted to add some more color too,
so here's some lovelies I bought.

These were all grouped together in their pots...
even now only a few have been put in the ground.
They sure do look pretty though.

My NON-Wildflowers

If you want to see more gorgeous blooms,
or share what's blooming in your garden
head on over to Garden Bloom Day 

You can also check out more wildflowers at



  1. Hiya Gale,

    How refreshing to see the wild flowers given such pride of place in your gardens.
    And don't forget: what may be just a wildflower in your Texas garden, is a prized garden flower for me in the UK.
    I think the tiny blue ones are called Bluets? I had them. sown specially a few years back.
    Nice to meet you.

  2. I'd recommend keeping an eye on that white morning glory - looks like field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) to me, which can be an extremely annoying weed even here where it's native. Still, even with a personal grudge against them from years of battling them in my garden, I have to admit they're pretty!

  3. The horsemint attracts all kinds of pollinators, so it is a great plant. I got a Mexican Hat plant last year and love it.

  4. Yeah...I've heard bindweed (the white morning glory) can be weedy. I'm being watchful to keep them away from the parts of my yard that I'm cultivating, but I am letting them run wild in the parts of my yard that’s just grass. I notice they kill the other weeds (anything that grows tall), but don’t seem to hurt the grass–and even if they did, they’re pretty and soft to walk on so I don’t think I’d mind them for a groundcover. Maybe I’m crazy…but I figure if it does that well and is pretty to boot, just go with it. :-)

  5. What lovely photos! Great shots! :)
    We took pics of some flowers recently as well. Don't you just love the beauty of nature? :)

  6. Hi Gale, So glad you joined the WW celebration~I think those are little bluets and I am cogitating on what the other one might be~gail