Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aloha Friday - Halloween Happenings

Hello!  I'm participating in Aloha Friday, where I ask a simple question for you to answer in the comments (if you want to).  This weeks question needs a little explanation.

When I lived in California, kids Trick or Treated on Halloween, whenever that happened to be.   In this particular area of Texas, I've noticed that SOME people trick or treat on Halloween, and others trick or treat on the nearest weekend.  So, since Halloween is on Monday, I expect some trick or treaters on Sunday, and maybe some on Saturday (since some people don't like to Trick or Treat on the Lord's Day).  This leads me to today's question:
In your area, do you only get trick or treaters on Halloween (whenever that is), or also on the weekend before Halloween?   For my curiosity's sake, please let me know where you're hailing from too!  Thanks!

You can leave your answer in a comment below.  Thanks for participating in Aloha Friday!


  1. In Texas at least in MY - DFW -neighborhood- trick or treaters come on HALLOWEEN! No treats are available at my house at any other time!

  2. Growing up in the Seattle area, our trick-or-treating always happened on Halloween, no matter what day of the week it was on.

    Here in PA, our township does the trick-or-treating on Halloween. Several other townships in the area are doing it on different days (some are tonight, some tomorrow night and only a couple on Sunday). There was a township that had their trick-or-treat last weekend! Crazy. :)

    Halloween - Then and Now

  3. I live in eastern Canada and here we get our trick or treaters on October 31st only. Starts around 6:00 pm and goes til about 9:30. Overall, we get about 60 kids here.

  4. My apartment complex managers, planned it for last night, 4:30-7:30. I thought it was odd and of course very few participated which I thought was sad for the few kids that live in our 3 building complex. Why a Thursday and why did it start so early on a work week day when most of us don't get home until after 6? I'm sure they had a reason, but I didn't think it worked out so well.

    Great question for me to read and respond to this morning. Newest follower from Aloha Friday. :-)

  5. I'm in LA,

    In our neighborhood I only notice trick or treating on halloween night. Not sure if they do more at other times.

  6. in in chattanooga TN

    growing up it was Halloween night no matter what day it fell on, but now it's more like the weekend before..

  7. Austin, TX

    We get trick or treaters on Halloween

  8. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Here in SE Colorado in the country I don't get them at all. They all go into town just on Halloween but some of the businesses in town will hand out candy all weekend to those kids in costumes.

  9. I'm from Hawaii and I've never had kids come on days other than Halloween.