Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is Texas

Well, much of this was supposed to be posted LAST Wednesday, but I spilled tea on my keyboard, effectively killing it, and so couldn't type.   

First, what my friend posted on Facebook October 19th...

ATTENTION, residents of Houston and surrounding Harris county areas: As of 8:52 a.m., Wednesday the 19th of October, local news authorities and governing officials have announced that it is now SAFE to move out from in front of your ice blocks and portable fans. I repeat, it is now SAFE to venture out. You may walk out to your vehicles now without fear of heat stroke, sudden evaporation, or melting mascara. This concludes this public service announcement.

Ha ha...that's true in Waco too.  We've finally seen some reprieve.  It is now SAFE to go outside without suffering heat stroke!  Hello fall!  This is Texas!

And my mom sent this e-mail last week.  You have to understand, I live less than 30 minutes from Crawford, TX (home of former president, George W. Bush).  My mom lives even closer.  So, here's what she wrote:

JUST got back from my favorite Mexican restaurant not a mile from here, pulled out of the parking lot and whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, 3 State Highway Patrolmen on motorcycles sped past me going the other way and then a large dark SUV and whosh whosh two MORE State Highway Patrol.  Around these parts (not 15 miles from Crawford) that's a pretty sure sign SUMbunny impotant is on their way out there.  Caught me off guard.  Different from an AMbush.  "BUSHED!!"  Pretty cool!

This is Texas!



  1. Glad it's cooling down for you. The heat and drought you are dealing with is plaguing the area of New Mexico where I've been riding horses. It was a tough summer..

  2. Yay! for finally cooling down. Although from what I hear of Texas cooling down means going from Blazing Hot to Just Hot, right???

  3. Ooh glad you are getting some repreive! That's pretty cool about being BUSHED too!
    P.S. Thanks for linking up!