Saturday, October 01, 2011

Souvenir Spotlight - Texas Heat Wave

I Survived the 2011 Texas Heat Wave shirt

My mom thought I should make a I Survived the 2011 Texas Heat Wave shirt with one of my Scribbleprints designs, and I thought that was a great idea! I even made some buttons and mousepads and other stuff to!

You can find buy my Texas Heat Wave products at my CafePress and Zazzle souvenir shops (Hint, for plain white t-shirts the CafePress value tee is your best bargain! ) I'll be adding designs with just the Texas scribbleprint soon, and if you like those wild scribbbles I have more here. You can find coupons for Zazzle here.

And I'm not the only artist out there doing Texas Heat Wave shirts. Here's some more...

(You may have noticed I don't have auction winners here...because no one bidded! Oh well, it was worth a try. I WILL have a Souvenir Spotlight with etsy sellers donating to fire victims soon though).

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