Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rivers Flowing Again

I hadn't yet blogged about the welcomed torrent of rain that we got the other night.  So many happy results of that...the yard is greener, the weather is cooler, and the little creek that runs a short walk away from our home is full again.  No fish or frogs yet, and the usually murky water was crystal clear.  The rest of this summer that stream has been dry...a path, not a river.


  1. Hi Gale,
    hello gale sorry it took me to get back to you but i too am from CALIFORNIA. been here 3 months i like it! i liked it from the start. i feel lonely without friends. i miss my folks. and the TRAFFIC...I'm doing 10 times better here than back home but i want my mom! and i'm not to happy with my current living situation. But all in due time

  2. I remember how quickly the wildlife (frogs) would appear after a rain filled the creeks.

    Thanks for stopping by a while back to visit and leave the sweet comment.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
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