Wednesday, February 09, 2011

California and Texas OWOH Giveaways

I've been having fun browsing the all the blogs participating in One World One Heart.  Its a fun even where bloggers tell a little big about themselves and give out door prizes.  If you're a blogger and want to join in, you have until Feb 12th to add your site.  If you're not a blogger, some of the sites (like mine) allow non-bloggers to enter the giveaways (which all end Feb 17th) and some are open to active bloggers only. 

There were a few giveaways I've stumbled on I thought Texans and Californians might enjoy.  The Creators Palette is giving away, among other things, a set of cards including one with California Poppies on it.

The Artist Supply Company is giving away a lotion bar in the shape of Texas, among other things.  

For those of you homesick for the ocean, Summerland Cottage is giving away a beautiful painting of the ocean at Laguna Beach, California.  And Jullie Miller Glass is giving away a Sea glass pendant.

Book Smith Studio has turned a path in Bryan, Texas into it's own planet, and is giving away a print.

And Barbara Cagle is giving away another copy of her book 16 x Mom, a true story about a woman who raised 16 children in the heart of San Jose, California, chronicling over 100 years of California history.

The blogger at Two Tumbleweeds spends half the year in Texas, and half the year in Holland...but she's not telling what the watercolor painting she's giving away will be of. 

And while A Little Blue Sky's giveaway isn't particularly "Californian" but I enjoyed hearing from someone from the Inland Empire, and she has some great California photos on her post (and a link to a funny story about the travails of putting on wet-suits).

Those are just a few California and Texas ones.  But  One World, One Heart has bloggers from all around the world.  So fun to explore!

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  1. Someday I am going to figure out how to do this kind of thing. I am never quite sure how to do it.