Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Post Cards From Texas

Post Cards from Texas

I said earlier that I was going to send out a couple more postcards...hand picked from the people who left comments on my OWOH post.  Well, I've choosen the next too...but this will not be all.  While I'm not going to try to write all the people who commented, 3 postcards just seems like too little.  So, I'll be sending postcards out to a few more after this, but as it may be a bit before I get to a store to buy them, I'll save on announcing until I actually have the cards to send.  Otherwise I'm likely to just loose track of who I was going to write.

Anyways, my next two people I choose because they offered to send me one back!  Tess from Kansus offered in her comment to return the favor.  I discovered on her blog, The Heart of Words, that she loves I plan to send a little poem with her card too. The other person didn't offer on in her comment, but when I visited her blog, coincidentally named Postcards from Miss Igorota, I noticed she was offering free post cards from New Jersey there...which made me want to return the generosity (though I wish I had a postcard from California to send her since she's already visited Texas).

NOTE: The post card image is from a picture I found on Flicr and doctored up (with permission - love Creative Commons!).

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  1. Sending things in the mail...and receiving fast becoming an unusual experience! My son is living in California and this post reminded me I need to send him some good old TEXAS postcards!!