Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mosaic of a Snow Day

There's my kiddos playing in the snow!   (Yes, we had TEXAS...that was nice enough to build a snowman with.  Amazing!  That's like two years in a row!)

So, when I stumbled on a coupon code for a free Snapfish photo collage poster at Dallas Mommy I decided to send some snow pics to my dad.  Came out pretty cool!  (Though actually this is a slightly different version than I sent him.)

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  1. Great collage! Glad your kids enjoyed the snow! This is the very first time in my whole life that I am ready for winter to be OVER! I HATE being too hot so I always say you can put on MORE clothes to stay warm....however even I have had enough of layering sweaters!
    Here's to the 70's next week!

  2. Wonderful fun! Came over from Mosaic Monday today to say hello. I think I've been here before as I remember your blog name from the Texas Blogging Gals list. :) Happy Full Hearts Day to you and yours!

  3. So cute,love the image of the snowman kiss.

  4. Yay! Snow is great! Enjoy for as long as it lasts! I can't wait for spring though! :)