Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow Day!

We had snow today!   For some of you that's no big deal, but in Texas, a nice blanket of snow like this is a rare occassion!   My children got to stay home from school and had fun making snowmen and having snowball fights.  It was looking patchy by late afternoon, but there might even still be enough left for a few more snowballs to throw tomorrow.

In my hometown of Twin Peaks, California we'd have just about gotten sick of snow about now.  Come February we were about ready for Spring.     Speaking of the Mountains, during last sky watch I stumbled on a neat blog from California that has a bunch of pictures of Big Bear, which is right down the road from me.   I gather the snowstorm we got hasn't hit them so much.  If you visit make sure to scroll down to see these gorgous pictures of Big Bear Lake.

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  1. Our snow has melted here in the DFW area...and just in time!
    Here is what I copied from someone for my Facebook Status today:

    As for all of the ice and snow this week, I think I know what happened....
    Early this week sometime, Jerry Jones was talking about the upcoming Super Bowl.
    Meanwhile up in heaven, Tom Landry leans over to God and says "You know what would be funny?....."

  2. Now that the snow's all gone, I kind of miss it. I also appreciate Linda's comment--and almost wish that the snow hadn't mostly left town before the game started.

    Especially since the Steelers lost.

    Anyway, I'm glad you got some snow in Waco this time around! And February ain't over yet . . .

  3. Hi, I came here from photogy's blog. She gave me the idea of my blog. I've just started blogging and still don't know how to search followers(*^_^*) I live in Japan, where doesn't much snow-fall. Wonderful seen!