Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Rain...

Another fun conversation with facebook friends:

TEXALINAN FRIEND (Texas friend who moved to North Carlina):
Dear rain; I am breaking up with you, please go away. I hear Texas is pretty desperate for you. Skedaddle over there where you might be more appreciated.

TEXAFORNIAN FRIEND:  I will take some of that rain!!!

TEXALINAN FRIEND:  See rain!? Texas wants you. Texas thinks you are hawt.

TEXAS FRIEND:  Thanks for letting the rain know! LOL!

ME:  Dear East Coast, I've heard rain is getting on your nerves...hanging around, loitering, ect. Please feel free to send him down here to us. I think rain needs to attend Texas bootcamp!

By the way, if you'ld like to hear more of Texalinan's wit and opinions, she has a blog you can check out!



  1. You can have some of our Midwest rain too. If it doesn't change soon, we're all going to grow webbed feet!

  2. I'll send you some Caribbean rain!!! :D