Monday, September 26, 2011

How My Garden Grows...

My garden...

I've got chives, basil, various peppers, a tomato plant, and one onion 
(it was a pearl onion that started sprouting in my pantry, so I stuck it in the
ground).  Though my tomato never got tomatoes, and the one bell pepper I got 
so far matured at about ping pong ball size, I still consider this a success...
especially considering this summer's heat!

I've read that bush beans shouldn't be planted by peppers or alliums,
so I had to find a new place for these.  I had a little plot cleared from 
an old garden, and stuck these in it.  The flowers are fake, put there
to protect the new plants from the hot Texas sun...and it worked!  This 
was taken earlier (the plants have now outgrown their faux flower shade
and I've moved the flowers over to protect the radishes and lettuce I
planted next to them.  Already got a few sprouting, too!!  Yeah!

Side Note: Didn't think I had enough material to do This is Whatever Wednessday, when I realized that this Garden post was perfect for it! I mean, THIS IS TEXAS GARDENING, isn't it? Trying to find shade so your plants will survive and being overjoyed when they do!


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  1. Ooh, basil! It looks like you have enough to make pesto even, YUM! I did bush beans this year and they were great producers. Some people around here had trouble with the bunnies eating them, but ours were untouched.

    Thanks for joining Monday Garden Club this week!

  2. your garden is so so so pretty!! I could never keep one up that well! By the way your post is being featured on my blog tomorrow!

  3. i love herb gardens....
    hope they keep growing well for you!