Wednesday, September 07, 2011

This is Texas (Laws)

These laws in Texas took affect last Thursday.  Whatever you think of them, they tell a lot about Texas culture.
  • Drivers can now go 70 at night, and soon will be able to go 75 on some roads, without being ticketed.
  • Private property holders have been given extra protections against having their land seized by eminent domain.
  • And those landholders can now hold commercial airborne hog hunts on their land.
  • Plus "Noodlers" can now catch fish with their bare hands legally.
  • Drunk drivers who severely injure someone in a traffic accident may receive harsher penalties (I absolutely support that one!).
  • "It will be more difficult to present eyewitness testimony as key evidence in a trial." (OK...anyone who knows more about this want to explain that one?  The article didn't say what bill this was for, and I couldn't find other articles about it.). 
  • Pets can now be covered under the same protective orders as victims of domestic abuse.
  • Daycare workers now are required to get parents' permission before giving children medication.
  • Doctors will be required to perform a sonogram before giving a woman an abortion; but may not necessarily have to show the sonogram to the patient...according to a federal judge's ruling. (My first thought was "What's the point then?", but then it hit me that sonograms are used to determine how far along the pregnancy is...and would probably be necessary both to determine if an abortion is legal and and the method used).   



    1. Your blog is really great! I found you on Bloggymoms (CA group) and so glad I did. This is hilarious, by the way. Keep up the good work, and thanks for not being one of those overdone mommy blogs...I dig it.

    2. Thanks for posting this Gale!!! Too funny!!! I appreciate you linking up! I did not know all of this about Texas!!