Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baffling Buttons

These buttons baffle me...
My heart belongs in Texas (sq) 2 button
(Button by PoliticalGenius)

HUH?  I Texas TX?  I don't even understand what that means.

TEXAS button
by jimhartley

OK, I've heard of Ya'll and Fix'n but never We'e.   Sounds like something someone might say on a roller coaster at 6 flags...or maybe something you pull over to do after driving miles and miles through the miles and miles. 

Though, I will say the "Miles and miles of miles" is hilarious (and absolutely true--as anyone knows who has ever driven from Dallas to California.  It really sinks in when you get to to El Paso and realize you're only half way there.)

If you'ld like to see some less baffling Texas (and California) buttons I featured here


  1. Those are mind-boggling buttons, aren't they..Though the first one I translate as I Love Texas..

  2. I see your the business you are talking about now. My niece does some for cafe press too. She sells earrings. Thanks for sharing, you are talented!