Thursday, November 04, 2010

Two Questions Thursday - Aloha Friday

My kids had fun carving the jack-o-lantern above.  It came out pretty scary looking.  But even scarier than that is what happens after halloween...EVERY year.

Well, at least to us.  Everyone else in the world might not get sick the week after halloween, but I can't remember a Halloween we haven't gotten sick.  Even on my second son's first halloween, three days after he was born, his older brother got chicken pox!  This year one child is coughing, and the other seems fine except that he threw up last night....and that wasn't from eating too much Halloween Candy, cause I've only let them eat a few every day.

So, here's my questions for Aloha Friday and 2 Question Thursday:
  1. Do your kids often get sick after Halloween.
  2. Anyone know a great way to clean up vomit?  I have my methods, but if someone has a good way of "sterilizing" the area, I'd like to know.  
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  1. Sometimes the kids would get colds after Halloween mainly because of running around in the cold in thin costumes. No coats for them, oh no, too hot and confining.

    My mother used ammonia on everything. Always seemed to do the trick. So that's what I reach for to clean the yucky stuff. There's also a great carpet spot cleaner called Folex. It comes in a spray bottle and I use it for pet accidents. But it's good for grease, ink, red wine, etc. Great on upholstery, too. Hey, this sounds like an ad for Folex. And I don't even get a commission.

  2. My kids are now 38 and 40 years old so I don't remember them getting sick after Halloween but to be honest it was too long ago.

    I have used club soda to clean that stuff up and the fizziness seems to lift the "chunks" up from the pile. Don't think it sterilizes it though.

  3. I dont have kids yet but I never got sick after Halloween, sorry I dont have a good suggestion for cleaning up throwup.

  4. this was the first time my daughter joined in the fun and no she didn't get sick. I am guess on a rug...Try using Baking soda, sprinkle it on the vomit , wait a few minutes and clean up as much as possible. then vacuum that rest up and then use a disinfectant carpet cleaner to clean the area.
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  5. Princess Nagger always seems to catch a cold sometime after Halloween - she complained of her ear bothering her this morning, poor thing.

    I've been lucky that PN hasn't had a flu bug except once in her life so far (knock wood!) and we used a ton of paper towels to clean up the mess (we don't have carpeting, just wood floors) followed by 7th Generation multi-purpose cleaner.

    Hope your little one feels better soon!!

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  6. i have a vacuum/steam cleaner for stuffs like that! my 1st child always have the puking spells all year round!

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  7. My kiddo & I are both feeling under the weather right now. Fall and winter always bring on the colds.

    I'd use some oxi clean on the vomit.

  8. My kids don't get sick after Halloween, and it's because I don't let them eat much candy at one time!

    I just clean vomit with a lot of Resolved cleaner, it has a nice smell and clean well for me.

  9. Well, my kids never got sick after Halloween. In fact, I never had to clean up puke - thank God! Well, a little spit up when they were babies that's about it. I'd just threw the clothes in the wash (after rinsing them out first), but if I did have to I'd use soap and water mixed with bleach I guess. Then spray the room with Lysol.

  10. No my kids doesn't get sick because of the halloween trick or treat fun, but they might get sick because of the season.

    Right now it's mingling at school that makes my son sick and then he comes home and shares it.

    Cleaning vomit.
    If you want to get rid of the scent and sterilize the area. Clean with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. It's all natural and it will take away the scent. If it's in the air. leave a bowl of vinegar out to suck up the scent.

  11. No illness at our house! Happy Aloha Friday!

  12. 1) My kids often get sick before the holidays, Christmas especially..

    2) I can't stand the smell of vomit..because I would be vomiting doing the cleaning.