Monday, November 01, 2010

Still Researching Your Vote?

I am! And boy do I wish I hadn't waited this long. Election day sort of slipped up on me. I thought I had a couple more weeks to go and, YIKES, election day is tomorrow.

As I find useful articles and sources, I'll be posting them here, mostly be focusing on Texas (since that's where I'm voting).

This lists statewide candidates, and on the right you'll see links 
to find U.S. Congressional candidates, and Texas House and Senate Candidates.

Candidate Research

Here are some sites that check candidates statements to see if they're true.  It's important to at least skim the explanations of why they think something said was true or false, though.  For instance, they marked Chet Edward's statement Edwards makes a case that he’s steadfastly opposed efforts to impose gun controls. However, none of his cited measures would "take away" anyone’s weapons. It’s overblown claims like this that keep the Truth-O-Meter in business.

On the Issues

Free Voters Guide
NOTE:  This resource can be helpful for positions like Governor and State Board of Education, though realize it asks some candidates questions that have nothing to do with their jobs. For example, The Railroad Commissioner, and Commissioner of Texas Land Use of Texas and Agricultural Commissioner's jobs have NOTHING to do with most of the questions they were asked. They have no say over abortion, Divorce Reform, etc. And its too bad that they weren't asked any questions about the environment or economy because they do have a lot to do with that.

Check Truthfulness of Candidates Statements
These sites check whether statements made by politicians are true or false.  Be careful to at least skim the explanation why, because it can reveal important details that shed light on the candidate.  For instance, Chet Edwards was marked "false" on his claim to "say no to Washington liberals who want to steal our guns" not because he didn't actively oppose gun legislation (he did) but because they thought that legislation didn't actually threaten to "take away" guns. 

(has some articles on California but not a whole section)

Articles and Info on Specific Candidates and Races

TEXAS RAILROAD COMMISSIONER  - Yes, you should care about this!
The Railroad Commissioner heads the The Railroad Commission of Texas, which no longer has ANYTHING to do with railroads, but regulates the oil and gas industry, gas utilities, pipeline safety, liquefied petroleum gas industry, and surface coal and uranium mining industries. So, if you care about what happened in the Gulf, you should care about this.

David Porter (Republican)
Jeff Weems (Democratic)
Art Browning (Green Party)
Roger Gary (Libertarian)

Did Jeff Weems Lawyer for BP and Enron, and Big Oil?
Summary:   Yes, but it was mainly litigating royalty disputes..

If you care about conservation, preservation, land use, energy, and surprizingly, Veterans ('s someone related in there), this is a position you should research.

Land Commissioner Debates


Debates:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7
Perry didn't attend,  but I really suggest hearing this.  It really gives a good idea of what the other candidates stand for.

Find Your Polling Place
Google has made finding your polling place so simple.  Just type "Find Polling Place" into google.  A few lines down you'll see a text box where you can enter your address and google will map your polling place for you.  Yeah google!

Please share any articles on any Texas or California election subject you found helpful.  Thanks!

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