Saturday, November 06, 2010

Souvenir Saturday - Buttons

Yes, yes...I haven't done a Souvenir Saturday in forever. Thought I'd share some fun Texas and California flair I found on Etsy and Zazzle. I found the button above at Pumpkin Bear. It's her homage to Texas, where she went to college and says she got into mucho mischief.

I found the button's below at Parsnip and Pear. They have nifty map buttons for various California and Texas cites.

And here's some of my favorites from Zazzle....

Texas Vintage Travel Poster button
Texas Vintage Travel Poster by TheVintageVamp

I really liked this Texas button.  It's actually a Vintage drawing SMOOSHED,
which I would have never known if I hadn't explored TheVintageVamp and found
the original.  I think the resized button above came out with a fun
cartoonish look, in stead of looking distorted.

And now for some California buttons...
California Roots button
California Roots by California_Roots

And here's one I could wear to brag on my
Calfiornia upbringing. 

Do you have a California or Texas product you'ld like to see featured here? Leave a comment with a link below and I'll consider it for a future Souvenir Saturday.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my SoCal button. I appreciate it, and being a bit of a Texafornian myself (Hook 'em), I dig the site as well.