Monday, November 22, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday - My Backyard Experiment

As some of you who follow my blog know, this last year I did a little experiment with my backyard. After finding out I had some Mexican Evening Primrose growing wild there, I decided to hold off on mowing until I found out what else was in my yard. It was exciting!  Through May, June and July I discovered all sorts of pretty wildflowers.  Then in September, when it seemed like all the wildflowers were done for and my yard was a tangle of not so pretty weeds, I went ahead mowed one side, leaving only some tall tufted grass that I liked. Then, the very next day the un-mowed side burst into pink flowers!

That doesn't show the pink flowers very well...but it does show how overgrown it had gotten.  That was in September.

Well, about two weeks ago I mowed and now it looks like this...

I left a clump of that tufted grass I like, along with my basil (from my overrun garden that was in the center of that jungle) and a few adjacent wild plants that I thought made a pretty little gathering together.  The pink flowers had stopped blooming, but the plant they had been on is there in that clump too, so I know I'll get it next year.  I was really quite happy about how it turned out!


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  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I love being surprised by certain things that come up in my garden that I simply didn't know I had. The miracles of nature never cease to amaze me. I hope spring brings you many more surprises.

    Take care,